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After Hours Call Out

OTEAC provide support for our customers out with normal office hours. In the event of an emergency please use the following procedure:

Call: +44 (0) 1224 739040

Listen to the recorded message which will give options to direct you to the correct mobile telephone number based on the service you require.

Union Square Shopping Mall

Fire and Security System Maintenance

Client: Westway Services

Location: Aberdeen, UK

Westway Services manage the maintenance, services, and compliance for Hammerson’s Union Square retail site located in Aberdeen, UK.

David, the Service Manager, oversees maintenance projects and manages services and compliance for the site.

Union Square Shopping Mall

Client Challenges

  • Discreet public-facing maintenance
  • Efficient safety audits
  • Remaining operational at all times
  • Fast reaction time from vendors
  • Strict timescales driven by retail spaces

Oteac Service Provision

  • Fire alarm maintenance
  • Disabled refuge maintenance
  • Disabled paging and intercom maintenance
  • Various repairs and additions

"If we experience an issue, I pick up the phone and call – Oteac has never let us down."

What led you to Oteac?

In 2013, the previous building management company had selected Oteac as the preferred vendor for the fire safety and security. When Westway Services took over the contract for in 2016, they continued with Oteac.

Is there a particular aspect of our service that you rely on most?

Reliability - Union Square is a mixed-use retail environment that hundreds of people pass through everyday. Because of this the reaction time of our vendors to issues is vital to maintain safety as well as appearances to the public If we experience an issue, I pick up the phone and call - Oteac has never let us down. Of our 20 sub-contractors, Oteac is one of the best. They provide high-quality service and the team is quick to arrange visits. The schedule and quoting team communicates well.

Convenientreports - We have regular safety audits which require organised paperwork and proof of service. Oteac has worked on this location for many years, so they have tailored documentation to make audits easier. For example, they colour-code service records. Fire alarms are serviced four times a year. After each visit, I receive detailed records specifying which alarms were serviced and when. This makes my job so much easier when it comes to audit time.

Responsiveness - I rely on Oteac to respond quickly when I need them to tend to something.

What are three words that describe your experience working with Oteac?

Approachable: I know when I call John, the Fire & Security Manager he will be there to assist. If I ask for something he’s unsure about, a price or service request, he coordinates with the team to find out immediately. He manages our contract with a face-to-face approach.

Reliable: When Oteac Administrators send dates that the Engineers will be on-site, I know that's when they will show up. I don’t have to worry about reminding them or wonder if they will be here - they always are.

Understanding: The team at Oteac understand the pressure I am under to ensure all things are operating at full capacity. I appreciate that they make it a priority to support me, and the company, through a quality and caring service.

Benefits to working with Oteac:

  • People coming through Union Square all day so it’s important to maintain appearances. If there’s a ladder in the middle of the facility, the public begin to worry. Oteac works with our need for discretion by sending Engineers after hours.
  • Because Oteac sends the same engineers I have confidence and peace of mind that they have expert knowledge of the site and systems.
  • I save time because Oteac delivers a variety of services. Instead of researching multiple companies, they meet many of our needs. I can spend the time I save on other areas of work, it’s very convenient.
Let's see how many tasks we can cross off your list.

Let's see how many tasks we can cross off your list.

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