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After Hours Call Out

OTEAC provide support for our customers out with normal office hours. In the event of an emergency please use the following procedure:

Call: +44 (0) 1224 739040

Listen to the recorded message which will give options to direct you to the correct mobile telephone number based on the service you require.

Fire alarm installation and maintenance


Prior to being purchased in 1987, the business operated as Claud Hamilton (Abdn) Electrical Ltd; it can be traced back as far as 1965 which makes it one of the longest established Electrical Companies in Aberdeen still trading. Today, CHES operates as part of the FES group.

Mike, is the Managing Director at CHES based in the Aberdeen office.

Fire alarm installation and maintenance

Client Challenges

  • Completing high-quality work within tight timescales
  • Maintaining regular and efficient safety audits and performance checks
  • Fast reaction time from vendors is crucial
  • Projects tenders that meet established budgets
  • Stretched on-site resource capacity for jobs

Oteac Service Provision

  • Fire alarm Installation
  • Fire alarm maintenance
  • Public address system installation
  • CCTV, access control and intruder systems
  • Completing various repairs and additions

“Building specifications usually call for certain CCTV, fire alarm and security systems. We rely on Oteac's expertise - they are the experts for these systems."

What led you to Oteac?

Quite honestly, working relationships. I’ve worked with and have known people that now work at Oteac for many years. It’s also the service that Oteac provides – they are always happy to complete work for us at prices we can all agree on.

What was most important for you when evaluating fire and security companies?

Speed of response is important. Time and time again, Oteac has maintained a speed of service while maintaining quality. From the office staff to the on-site Engineers, they are quick to turnaround tender requests to carrying out the operational directives.

Because we are part of a larger corporation health and safety is our top priority. If a provider can check all of the boxes on our evaluation forms, they are good to work with us. Mind you, our evaluation forms are required to be updated about every three years and usually end up being about 50 pages long. Oteac is happy to comply with these requirements.

Oteac operates with a personal approach. Engineers show up with can-do attitudes and are ready to help our team complete work safely and on time. In the past, when projects are coming to an end, sub-contractors aren’t always willing to go the extra mile. That’s just not the case with Oteac, they work with us to meet tight timescales and finish work well.

Is there a particular aspect of our service that you rely on most?

Yes, their expertise in CCTV, fire alarms and security systems. Often building specifications call for certain systems - they are the experts we call for these systems, such as door access installations. As other companies have been required to downsize, many have lost their most experienced people, so we appreciate Oteac’s maintained resources and experience.

What are three words that describe your experience working with Oteac?
  • Responsive: They turn tender requests quickly and they work efficiently with a high-level of quality.
  • Cooperative: The Oteac Engineers are always willing to work together with our team to complete a job within the timescales we have available which can often be quite tight.
  • Willing: Again, there is a willingness to work to support our team towards a common goal.

What challenges have our services addressed?

Timescales – nowadays timescales are our biggest challenge. When we hire Oteac, I know with confidence they will work hard to meet our schedules and budgets.

It's our job to be the experts

It's our job to be the experts

From detailed building specifications to tight timescales, our 30 year's of industry experience enables us to provide solutions for our clients.

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