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OTEAC provide support for our customers out with normal office hours. In the event of an emergency please use the following procedure:

Call: +44 (0) 1224 739040

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Offshore Platform

Fire and Gas System Upgrade

Location: North Sea, UK

Our client recently upgraded their offshore platform’s gas compression turbines to extend the life cycle. As they overhauled and invested in the turbine upgrade, they wanted the same extension for the fire and gas support system. They wanted to ensure the system would be fit-for-purpose and reliable for another 20 years. 

Offshore Platform

The Challenges

The client brought parameters to the table which required innovation on our part. When updating the system, they wanted to remain with the OEM to retain familiarity and reliability for the operators. Secondly, due to the system’s proximity to the turbines, the application’s operating environment required equipment certified for 80°C + in order to continue to operate properly under high-temperature conditions. Lastly, the associated fire and gas detection system was no longer supported 

So, our team set to the drawing board to engineer a fit-for-purpose solution.

The Solution

To meet their parameters, our team commissioned the platform system upgrade from the Det-Tronics R7404 controller system to the Eagle Quantum Premier® (EQP) system. Modern technology for the fire and gas controller gave the operator additional metrics to monitor the turbines while retaining certain functionality for ease of use for offshore personnel. To address high operating environment temperatures, we used a mature, proven model of flame detector certified for use in environments up to 125°C. If a project requires a necessary feature, our in-house capabilities allow us to design and manufacture it.

For this project, we designed and integrated a key isolation switch bank.
This was the best option for this project and offered a number of relevant benefits:

  • Reliability: Det-Tronics equipment is built to exacting standards
  • Flexibility: EQP system can adopt to almost any programming that the client requires. 
Looking to extend the life of your offshore fire and gas systems?

Looking to extend the life of your offshore fire and gas systems?

We're here to help.

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