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After Hours Call Out

OTEAC provide support for our customers out with normal office hours. In the event of an emergency please use the following procedure:

Call: +44 (0) 1224 739040

Listen to the recorded message which will give options to direct you to the correct mobile telephone number based on the service you require.

PSV Rem Supplier

The Client

In January 2020, REM Offshore, a Supply Shipping company based in Fosnavåg, Norway, contacted Oteac regarding an Annual Inspection of their CO2 Fire Fighting System as per DNV Regulations & Manufacturer Rules and Guidelines.

The Challenge

After agreeing a price for the 10 year Hydro Test/service and Inspection of the ships CO2 systems, the service was addressed in due course whilst berthed in Aberdeen Harbour.

The 10% cylinder test guidance was adhered to and during the process of venting down the two cylinders nominated for test, a strong smell of a Hydrocarbon was detected, a clean rag was immersed in the residual fluid which ignited fiercely. Our engineers utilized the portable gas detector used as part of our PPE for confined space entry it went into alarm indicating a flammable liquid. Unfortunately, the exposure to air allowed the condensate to evaporate, but testing of samples authorised by the vessel with an Independent Laboratory indicated a presence of a Hydrocarbon. We requested a third cylinder for direct laboratory testing conducted by CoreLab operatives, this duly captured the Hydrocarbon in suitable quantities to indicate a serious contamination of a volatile condensate.

The Solution

The vessel requested a change out of all the cylinders which we addressed from our exchange stock, our units were duly Hydro Tested and Refilled ready for exchange which was addressed on Monday 23rd March. The contaminated cylinders are now in quarantine and we await REM OFFSHORES guidance on what action they wish to progress, with the companies permission we have informed MCA and Flag with a view to providing the copies of laboratory results and Manufacturers details so an all vessel alert can be compiled and circulated.

A meeting with MCA/DNVGL and Flag has been requested to discuss the disparity in testing standards applied by different authorities, the need to address all cylinders for Hydro Testing every ten years is a paramount requirement clearly identified by this example which is obviously a serious issue.

PSV Rem Supplier
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