Customer Survey

Customer Survey


1. How satisfied are you with the quality of product/service we provide?

2. How satisfied are you with the delivery of your order?

3. If you had cause to complain or query anything how satisfied are you with the way your problem was dealt with?

4. If you had the opportunity to change anything at OTEAC what would it be?

5. Is there anything that we are not doing that would help us improve our service to you?

6. Compared to other similar organisation, how do we rate?

7. Finally, please use this box to express any other areas of satisfaction or dissatisfaction:

8. Where did you hear about us?

Emergency Call Out

OTEAC provide support for our customers out with normal office hours. In the event of an emergency please follow the procedure below:


+44 (0) 1224 739040

Listen to the recorded message which will give options to direct you to the correct mobile telephone number based on the service you require.