Asset Management

Asset Management

Asset Management

For almost 30 years, we provide managed contracts specially structured to meet your needs in your market under the banner ‘Integrated Maintenance’. These can typically consist of:

  • Asset management via specially developed tracking software, providing a full service and inspection history to satisfy requirements of regulatory body ‘written scheme’
  • Maintenance procedures to support your equipment inventory
  • Liaison with verification body on equipment hot spots
  • Site and service centre support
  • Multi-skilled engineers trained in your specific inventory
  • Access to contemporary reports via secure internet portal
  • Look ahead to identify equipment expiry and test with support planning to facilitate work to schedules which suit your requirements
  • Regular review meetings to keep you constantly informed of operational status and any issues

The asset management systems have been developed and refined to meet your specific industry needs tailored specifically around fire, safety lifesaving, lifting and pressure equipment and engineered systems. After we listen to what you require, we then use our extensive specialist knowledge to ensure alignment with current legislation whilst maintaining a focus on providing real savings in terms of 'life costing', minimising servicing time and improved equipment availability.

Your feedback is that our integrated maintenance contracts save you money by:

  • optimisation of planning over the total range of sites for both manpower and equipment inventory
  • standardisation of items and simplification of spares - leading to easier and better control
  • introduction of longer service intervals without sacrificing quality standards

We have a proven track record in this are are pleased to undertake a site survey and build an economic cost/benefit model as a basis of contract.